What is ISO?

ISO is the International Standards Organization.  It was created with the intent of facilitating international cooperation and coordination of unified industrial standards for purposes of trade.

What are “Standards”?

The standards are a set of documents that provide requirements, specifications, and guidance that are used to ensure that processes, materials, products, and services are appropriate for their intended purpose.  ISO standards are internationally agreed upon by experts in the respective areas and each standard represents a different good, service, or process.  The company generally decides which standard is best suited for their needs.

There are over 20,000 published standards.  The ISO 9000 suite of standards focuses on the quality of products and services.  These standards are continually revised and enhanced to achieve the maximum benefit as we continue to learn and apply best practices.  

Benefits of ISO Certification

Registration to ISO Standards provides an objective testimony indicating that the company management has implemented an effective quality management system (QMS) addressing all the requirements of the applicable standard.

AEA wholeheartedly believes in Achieving Excellence Through Quality.  AEA works as a partner with its Clients in their vision to achieve Registration and provides thorough, objective, and fair assessments of their Quality Management Systems, with client’s best interests in mind.

Certification adds credibility to your organization, increases customer satisfaction, identifies efficiencies, and increases confidence in your brand and products. All of these factors can help win additional contracts and customers.