AEA's Mission

For 30 years, AEA has been making Quality achievable for our clients.  We partner with clients with the belief:  With Quality, one can achieve Excellence.  AEA guides you through this journey because we know that the real critic, is YOUR customer.


Founded in 1993 experts in quality concepts, methods, and management systems, joined forces to establish AEA Quality Registrars, Inc. (AEA).  Since its start, AEA prides itself in providing independent, fair, and value added third-party assessments of quality management systems based on the ISO standards. AEA is an ISO 9000 Registrar Accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

AEA’s Philosophy

AEA’s philosophy is to establish a partnership and open working relationship with our clients, irrespective of their size or nature of their business.  This partnership approach enables our clients to share their needs and for AEA to deliver upon their needs with value-added contributions to our clients’ Quality Management System and their business as a whole.  This wholistic approach gives our clients the value of AEA’s personalized approach.

AEA Vision

Our Vision

AEA’s vision is make a positive impact for our clients.  Mutual respect and collaboration to achieve the goals of our clients is key.
“We strive to collaborate with our clients and inspire them to achieve excellence through quality processes.”
P. Sandhu / COO

Our Team

Nirmal S. Sandhu
President, CEO
Mr. Nirmal S. Sandhu has served as President and CEO for AEA Quality Registrars, Inc. since 1993. Prior to joining AEA, Mr. Sandhu held management positions in IBM, where he managed process and equipment engineering functions for the manufacture of semiconductor (VLSI) materials for IBM Corporation. Under his direction, real-time process control techniques were developed and deployed in state-of-the-art complex processes. Mr. Sandhu then managed an engineering organization for the development of high-density Ceramic multi-layer packaging technologies for packaging of semiconductor devices for large frame computers. During his employment with IBM, Mr. Sandhu interfaced with numerous suppliers of materials, components and process equipment involving many million dollars. Mr. Sandhu has authored many technical papers and several IBM patents go to his credit. He is also recipient of several IBM awards.

Mr. Sandhu is certified (QMS) Lead Auditor by the Global Exemplar.

Allen Fink
Director of Certification Program
Mr. Allen Fink has served as Director of Certification Program for AEA Quality Registrars, Inc. since 1996. Prior to joining AEA, Mr. Fink held many technical positions in the field of Product Assurance in IBM, where he interfaced with suppliers of DRAM memory products. His responsibilities included performance of audits to ensure adherence to analytical design and hardware performance of products. Preceding his work at IBM, Mr. Fink served in the United States Air Force as Radar technician for the repair and maintenance of ground control systems. Additionally, Mr. Fink enjoyed his hobby of dealing in collectible stamps. He was President of his Philatex Stamp Company for many years.

Mr. Fink received his certification from RAB as (QMS) Lead Auditor.

Preet Sandhu
Chief Operations Officer
Ms. Preet Sandhu is an innovative and strategic executive with 16 years of program/project management experience with Accenture. Ms. Sandhu is an effective leader whose strong business acumen is complimented by an impeccable client service track record. She has a creative edge and is deeply skilled in Quality Assurance. Preet has a diverse industry background including Financial Services, Media/Entertainment and Communications/High Tech.

Ms. Sandhu is a valuable executive with experience in Customer Relations. Her keen sense of understanding the customer and ensuring that their needs are met in a mutually comfortable way build long lasting relationships between AEA and its Clients.

Brian Callaghan
Director of Marketing, Sales
Mr. Brian Callaghan has over 38 years of Management experience from Start-Ups to Fortune 500 corporations. Experience in all aspects of Corporate Component Supply Chain management, Manufacturing Operations, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and International Supplier Management.
Nav S. Sandhu
Chief Information Officer
Nav Sandhu has served as the Chief Information Officer of AEA Quality Registrars, Inc. since 1993. He is responsible for leading and implementing the effective and efficient management of information technology across the company. He manages the information technology program, overseeing management, and integration of the Company’s information resources. His oversight includes strategic planning, systems development, telecommunications, information security data management, enterprise architecture, and user computing. He has developed AEA’s Certification System Procedures and also possesses a knowledge of ISO Standards.
Phil Kalinkos
Lead Auditor
Mr. Phil Kalinkos has over 30 years of auditing experience from Start-Ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

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