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AEA is a women-owned business and is family run. From the early days in 1993, Nirmal Sandhu built AEA by cementing the philosophy of collaboration and partnering with the clients to achieve success.  His clients often heard his phrase, “Share with me your problems, we will shoulder them together to overcome them.”  Through his industry expertise and firm belief in Quality, he helped his clients achieve success through the rigor of repeatable processes for repeatable quality results.

The mission he established for AEA to make Excellence achievable through Quality for our clients has resonated through the years and has been instilled on each
member of the AEA team.  This common mission is clearly seen among every client we work with resulting in long term client relationships.  Our clients often remark that “AEA has been instrumental in keeping us on a path of quality from the time that our business was a fledgling to today where we are taking off.”

Today, Preet and Nav Sandhu, embrace their father’s philosophy and further the mission to achieve Excellence through Quality.  The each bring their own industry expertise to AEA and collaborate with fellow deeply knowledgeable auditors and clients.     

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Impartiality policy

AEA is proud to have its Certification Process objective, free of consultancy and items that may be perceived as conflict of interest.

Auditors who have either financial interest in the client organization or have/had consultancy or internal auditing relationship with the client organization within the last two years are prohibited from conducting certification assessments.

AEA Certification personnel including management are required not to have been involved in any consultancy or internal auditing activities within the last two years with the Client or a related company where such a relationship may compromise their impartiality.

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