AEA Quality Registrars, Inc. (AEA) was founded in 1993 by a nucleus of highly experienced professionals in quality concepts, methods, and quality management systems. The company provides independent, fair, and value adding third-party assessments of quality management systems established and implemented based on the ISO standards. AEA is an ISO 9000 Registrar Accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

AEA's Philosophy

Irrespective of the size or business nature of client organization, establishing partnership and open working relationships with clients is AEA's fundamental service philosophy and approach. This partnership approach enables AEA to deliver value-added contributions to clients' Quality Management System and our clients' value the personalized approach AEA offers.

AEA Advantages

AEA operates as a partner with its Clients in their vision to achieve Registration and provides thorough, objective, and fair assessments of their Quality Management Systems, with client's best interests in mind. Assessment is provided on Clients' schedule (when they need it) without making them wait for months and impact their teams momentum and drive. Efficiency and flexibility are fundamental to AEA's operations, because of which costs are kept under control and affordable. The fundamental philosophy and practice of providing excellent services have greatly contributed to the growth AEA has enjoyed. Registration costs are controlled through the practice of the following policies.

  • Impartial partnership with any size business - small, medium or large
  • No requirement for preliminary site visit
  • No mandatory pre-assessment requirement
  • No multiple fees and hidden costs
  • No overtime costs passed on to clients
  • No penalty for audit schedule changes (with reasonable notification)
  • Provides one complimentary hardcopy and electronic verion of Certificates

AEA Staff

Registration to ISO Standards provides an objective testimony that the company management has implemented an effective quality management system that addresses all the requirements of the applicable standard.

AEA Auditors maintain highest sensitivity to the human aspects of auditing. They strive to make the audit process stress free and provide value-added contributions to the quality system. AEA auditors have greater than 20 years of experience as auditors and in the field of quality assurance.

Impartiality Policy

AEA is proud to have its Certification Process objective, free of consultancy and items that may be perceived as conflict of interest.

Auditors who have either financial interest in the client organization or have/had consultancy or internal auditing relationship with the client organization within the last two years are prohibited from conducting certification assessments.

AEA Certification personnel including management are required not to have been involved in any consultancy or internal auditing activities within the last two years with the Client or a related company where such a relationship may compromise their impartiality.

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